Mistress Bloody Marie

Arrogant and spoiled French dominatrix in Paris

The birth of the legend

Many people have asked me "why Bloody Marie? The idea for my title came as I progressed in the BDSM world. I've always loved female legends (too often neglected), and this myth of the bloody woman who appears when invoked appealed to me even as a youngster. Fearful, vengeful, ruthless... few dare utter her name for fear of incurring her wrath, and the idea of honoring such a personality made me dream. As my passion for femdom grew over the years, it seemed obvious to me that I should take on this nickname, which I consider to be very flattering. 

Evolution and kinks 

I discovered the world of BDSM nearly ten years ago. Initially intrigued by slave training, I then experimented with impact play, and it was a revelation for me: I was born to dominate! As my encounters and experiences progressed, I realized that it was time for me to make femdom a daily part of my life. So I started networking and, thanks to my wonderful colleagues, I was able to make a living from my passion. As the encounters continued, I also developed a deep love for chastity fetish, and they now occupy a large part of my life. In love with discovery, I tell myself that the road is still long and I hope to discover new kinks along the way. 

Intimate portrait

Behind this face lies a 28-year-old woman with a passion for travel, literature and art, and a strong commitment to feminist activism. Also a great defender of the animal cause, I divide my time between exploring new territories, nature walks and, I must confess, moments of relaxation in luxurious places. I'm a very frank person, and I apply this principle of honesty to all my relationships. 


My years of hard work and perseverance have been supported by dominatrixes whose work and spirit I admire. Here are just a few of the names that have marked my career.

Thanks also to all my subscribers, who are always on hand to admire my work.